The Lovenotes Show


I founded the lovenotes in 1977. Shortly upon moving to the islands. No one presented the music I was and still am so passionate about in an authentic way and t here is something intangible about harmonizing with a few people and a certain magic that gets into your soul and never leaves. As music changed when the Beatles came along, my friends thought I was lost n the past with the vocal groups and Elvis. But even today I have yet to hear anything in a particular genre of music that turns me on as much. I'll agree that music itself has gotten sophisticated but the simplicity of a few guys or girls harmonizing, singing simple love songs with or without music is indescribable. There have been almost two dozen different lovenotes groups right up until this past weekend where we performed in Vegas.(2017) Thats over 40 years and were gonna keep going till we no longer can! We are and always will be  New York City street corner Doo-Woppers!!!!

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